Our Products and Services

Umthunzi Holdings prides itself on absolute strength in our capacity to build human resources functions to a level that supports an organisation to achieve its goals. Our products and services enable people to locate their existence at the centre of the organisation’s purpose. We recognise that human capital is key for sustainability hence our thrust to build an integrated organisational capability through customised offerings which are based on best practice.

  • Career Guidance and Career Pathing

We provide guidance and counselling on individual skills and competence needed to meet institutional demands. We enable clients, organisations and employees on ways to arrive at the desired career peak. We advise organisations on and facilitate the implementation of programmes that create a stable human capital base.

  •  Career Development and Succession Planning

A basket of tools is utilised to identify, and to inform the developmental process hence maximising success rate.

  •  Management and Leadership Development

Development programmes to groom managers to reach senior manager capability and senior managers to reach executive leadership capability are delivered. These are structured on a modular and phased approach.

  •  Mentorship and Coaching

The path to self-mastery and team mastery towards an effective fit in different environments and relationships, is offered to individuals and organisations.

  •  Talent Acquisition

To strengthen capacity building we offer the targeted search and placement of people with skill sets that meet our clients’ needs. Our focus is on senior level positions and critical skills in various disciplines.

  • Strategy

Strategy development; creating implementation and evaluation plans including monitoring techniques offered.

  • Leadership and Culture

Facilitation of climate surveys, formulation of organisational values, communication of organisational strategy, values and updates on progress made, workshops on different order of transformation highlighting the nature of change that needs to be implemented. We offer a diversity management programme that cultivates harmony while maintaining uniqueness of people and teams. We facilitate relationship building initiatives.

  • Change Management

Facilitate new beginnings in organisations that have undergone significant change by conducting programmes using sound frameworks and processincluding building for effective ownership.

  • Organisational Design

Organisational structures are designed in sync with the mission, vision and values in order to improve performance of people and the organisation. Job evaluation, reward and remuneration philosophy are carefully factored in as crucial support to functional organisational structures.

  • Performance Management

Review and reinforcement of the organisation’s performance management system.. Alignment to strategy, values and stakeholder needs. Training on performance management from executive leadership to the lowest level of employee ensuring individual employees understand the fit of their roles in the organisation.

  • Self-Mastery

Understanding self, the impact one has on self and others, decision making and consequences of choices.

  • Team Building, Conflict Handling and Resolution

We offer team building and conflict handling techniques, team building excursions and experiential conflict resolution.

  • Preparing for Career Growth Opportunities

We offer identifying opportunities, interviewing techniques, interaction skills, etiquette and grooming for effective self-projection.

  •  Preparing for Employment

We offer the following in terms of getting clients ready for the job market: interviewing techniques, interaction skills etiquette and grooming.


In our day-to-day business conduct we do all of the following:

  • Site visits to appreciate the clients’ environment in aid of determining solutions.
  • Group and one-on-one sessions.
  • Workshops, training sessions and consultations are offered.
  • Project management against service level agreements.
  • Translate and communicate complex messages into simple stories through various art forms informed by the need being addressed.