Who We Are

Umthunzi Holdings CC is a South African, Black Female-owned company. The company’s core specialisation is human resources development and management.

Our Values

Our business conduct is guided by the following principles:


Energy – We inspire people through a creative, dynamic and productive aura.


Excellence – We deliver cutting edge services that elevate our own and our clients’ performance.


Pride – We espouse elegance in all our dealings.


Sensitivity – We exercise due respect and confidentiality when providing solutions.


Diversity – We promote enrichment derived from an embracing and inclusive culture.

Our Purpose


We create and grow capacity among individuals, organisations and stakeholders to understand and execute their purpose diligently, creating a resonant effect across all levels of employees, divisions and sectors of the organisation.

Our services are modelled on our clients’ organisational values. Our emphasis is on nurturing and developing young managers and senior managers. We enable them to achieve a sense of belonging in their teams, organisational and professional communities.

Our initiatives are affordable and relevant, so they assist the client in realising their desired end. We impart solutions that significantly add value and leave a self-propelling legacy for the client to tap from.

Our company’s energy inspires constructive creativity among people, bringing about an internally generated source of motivation.



We give back to our community by participating in forums which seek to develop talent. Our operations are conducted in an environmentally friendly manner.

We treasure our employees and challenge them to stretch themselves at all times to realise the greatness of the potential they possess.

Our Philosophy

 We create and cultivate individual and organisational health.


Our Team


Ms Mpho Lecoge

Ms Mpho Lecoge

Managing Director

The Managing Director of Umthunzi Holding has extensive experience in the field of human resources development and management. Ms Lecoge is a former training and development manager and human resources executive from the mining and public sectors. A passionate facilitator of organisational design and development, skills development, mentorship and coaching initiatives. Ms Lecoge’s ability as an inspiring leader is second to none.

Ms Bongile Lecoge-Zulu

Ms Bongile Lecoge-Zulu

Creative Consultant

Ms Lecoge-Zulu is a graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand School of Arts. A passionate musician and theatre performer who brings organic technology into the techniques implored by our organisation. She is the creativity anchor.

Ms Memory Nalumbwe

Ms Memory Nalumbwe

Administration Officer

Ms Nalumbwe is a keen and vibrant administrator, who organises and coordinates daily activities, and interfaces with our clients promoting effective communication.

Graduate Interns

We have a team of enterprising graduate interns who bring a learning energy that enhances our capacity.

A Network of Experts

We have a solid network of experts that we frequently collaborate with.

 Our Commitment

We strive to be compliant and to have good standing in our all dealings. We provide solutions that are based on tested theories, approaches and practices. Our solutions generate significant value-add to the benefit of all our clients.

“Umthunzi Holdings cc ensures that leadership effect resonates at the same wavelength across the organisation, promoting synchrony and synergy”.  M Lecoge, 2014

Company Registration Number: CK2006/182675/23

Income Tax Number: 9215625150

Value-added Tax (VAT) Number: 4530233420